Sue Anderson, B.A., M.A.
Founder and President of Change Happens

Sue Anderson has been in the training industry since 1992. She conducts training for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Ms. Anderson has negotiated business rules of engagement for companies in the US and Europe. She has designed, developed and implemented large scale corporate training programs and directed projects that modified customer behavior.

As a skilled corporate trainer, she has provided instruction through a variety of innovative, high technology programs that have affected thousands of employees from upper management to entry-level staff.

In 2006, Ms. Anderson opened a new division of her company that focuses on educating the 21st century mom. She created a series of interactive workshops specifically designed to help moms better manage their time, discover their mothering style, and improve their communication skills with a diverse group of people, including their children.

Sue Anderson has a M.A. in Organizational Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She has Certification in Conflict Resolution, Achieve Global, Interaction Styles, Cognitive Dynamics, Keirsey Temperament Model, and in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.